For Other Attorneys & CPAs

A significant portion of the firm’s practice involves fiduciary accounting and tax return preparation for estates and trusts where the firm acts only in an accounting capacity.  Referrals in this area come from two main sources: (1) other estate attorneys who are not accounting and/ or tax focused and (2) other accountants who are not comfortable preparing fiduciary accountings and/ or preparing fiduciary income tax returns, estate tax returns, and/ or gift tax returns.

For Other Attorneys

The firm is happy to be engaged in a probate or trust matter solely as the accountant rather than taking the lead attorney role. It is useful to have an accountant who understands the legal aspects of estate and trust administration and how those aspects inform the accounting and tax function. Robert Hickok is available in contested probate and trust administrations to serve as an expert witness on fiduciary accounting, tax matters, and related issues.

For Other Accountants

The firm does not typically prepare any tax returns unrelated to estates and trusts. If your firm does not have a fiduciary tax return practice, we would welcome your referrals in this area. We are not competing with you for the types of tax returns you prepare.

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